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Women’s Soccer Players Accuse U.S. Soccer of Wage Discrimination

April 12, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Gender

Five players on the women’s national team filed a federal complaint against U.S. Soccer alleging wage discrimination. The players who...Continue Reading →

Federal Lawsuit Allowed To Proceed against Dave & Buster’s for Reduction of Worker Hours To Avoid ACA Employer Mandate

March 31, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Health Insurance

The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York denied a motion to dismiss made by Dave...Continue Reading →

Implications of Dramatic NLRB Joint Employer Decision Continue To Play Out in McDonald’s Case and State Legislatures

March 28, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Fair Labor Standards Act

An August 2015 ruling by the National Labor Relations Board dramatically changed the definition of joint employers and unnerved small...Continue Reading →

Columbia Business Professor Sues University for Sexual Harassment

March 25, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Sexual Harassment

A federal lawsuit alleging gender discrimination and sexual harassment has been filed against Columbia University. Enrichetta Ravina has been an...Continue Reading →

What Accommodations Must Be Made for Alcoholism

January 20, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Disability

Alcoholism is a protected condition under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Although an employer can still enforce attendance rules and...Continue Reading →

Off-Duty Overtime Class Action

January 10, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Fair Labor Standards Act

In a class action lawsuit commenced by members of a Chicago police department, 51 plaintiffs claimed they were not paid...Continue Reading →

ACA Information Reporting: Extended Deadlines

January 6, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Federal

The IRS extended deadlines for employers subject to the Affordable Care Act's 2015 reporting requirements. Please review this ...Continue Reading →

Overbroad Handbook Rules

January 5, 2016 Ali Law Group PC Handbooks

Employee handbooks can violate provisions of the National Labor Relations Act by seemingly restricting protected employee activities. This was highlighted...Continue Reading →

New York State Expands Workplace Protections for Women

November 19, 2015 Ali Law Group PC New York

Last month, Governor Cuomo signed a group of eight bills dealing with gender equality issues in New York State. Of...Continue Reading →

EEOC Settles Background Check Litigation with BMW

November 17, 2015 Ali Law Group PC Discrimination in Hiring (Title VII)

The EEOC recently entered a settlement agreement with BMW for $1.6 million stemming from a lawsuit the EEOC filed in...Continue Reading →


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