Recruiting and Hiring

Hiring Teens This Summer? Use These Guidelines To Comply with Child Labor Laws

June 1, 2017 Ali Law Group PC

Many compliance challenges can arise when hiring seasonal workers. If you plan on hiring anyone under 18 this summer, you...Continue Reading →

Change Is in Store for the H1-B Visa Program

May 18, 2017 Ali Law Group PC

Praised by some as vital to our nation’s innovation and criticized by others for displacing American workers with cheap foreign...Continue Reading →

High School Journalists Demonstrate the Importance of Pre-Employment Background Checks

April 27, 2017 Ali Law Group PC

Earlier this month, a newly hired high school principal in Pittsburg, Kansas resigned several days after students writing for the...Continue Reading →

Investing in Workforce Development Will Benefit Employers in Long Run

August 30, 2016 Ali Law Group PC

Of all the hiring challenges that companies are dealing with today, work readiness is at the forefront. Being unprepared for...Continue Reading →

Skill Shortages Hinder Employers’ Recruitment Efforts

July 5, 2016 Ali Law Group PC

Recruiting a competitive workforce is becoming increasingly difficult for employers. Executives in all industries are concerned about the lack of...Continue Reading →

More American Men Are Out of The Work Force

June 21, 2016 Ali Law Group PC

Although the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.7 percent, millions of working-age Americans, mostly males, have pulled out of the...Continue Reading →

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