Drafting Documents

As part of its labor and employment law counseling services, the Ali Law Group can help draft and/or review agreements (including severance, lay-off, non-compete, confidentiality, employment, sales and commission agreements) and policies (including social media, distracted driving, attendance, leave and other workplace policies). Our expert advisors are also available to prepare or review handbooks, and explain relevant policy issues, changes and modifications and review and revise job descriptions.

Employment Agreements

Employment Agreements involve any type of written agreement regarding the employment relationship (covering terms, length, description of job duties, etc.) The Ali Law Group has extensive experience in the preparation, review, analysis and negotiation of:

  • Separation and Severance agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Restrictive covenants (confidentiality, non-solicitation, non-compete, non-interference, non-disclosure, etc.)
  • Commission agreements (which are required by New York State Law)
  • Reductions in Force documentation and related agreements

Employment Handbooks

Handbooks are a compilation of a company's workplace policies and procedures, and they should be provided to every employee for his/her reference. Handbooks are also documents that reflect the current state of the law and should be kept up-to-date. In order to ensure a handbook complies with current laws and regulations, the Ali Law Group’s expert advisors will conduct interviews, review company documentation and explain relevant policy issues, changes and modifications.

Policies & Procedures

The Ali Law Group can also help draft and/or review specific policies and procedures as needed including social media, distracted driving, attendance, leave and other workplace policies.

Job Descriptions

The Ali Law Group can help create or review a company’s job descriptions to ensure they fulfill their key functions from both a compliance and performance management standpoint. This process includes interviews, document review, analysis of job duties, research on exemption status, and compilation of the functional job requirements.