Labor and Employment Law Compliance Services

Labor and Employment Compliance Audits
As part of its suite of labor and employment counseling services, the Ali Law Group is available to conduct Labor and Employment Compliance Audits. Audits involve in-depth research, fact-finding and the production of an report to determine whether the Company is in compliance with applicable labor and employment laws. The Audit will include:

  • Interview with client to review HR, employment and pay practices. For example:
    • Review employment applications and job advertisements.
    • Review interview processes.
    • Review background check processes and screening processes and ensure compliance.
    • Review existing agreements, handbooks and policies.
    • Review organization chart, list of employees and job titles.
    • Review, analyze and revise job descriptions.
    • Prepare exemption status determination for each employee.
    • Review compensation history for employees and recommend revised pay practices to comply with applicable labor laws and comport with budget requirements.

  • Prepare final report and provide client with recommendations on best practices such as:
    • Providing guidance and opinion on pre-hire and hire processes utilized by the Company.
    • Providing guidance and opinion on the company organization chart, job descriptions and exemption status of employees.
    • Providing revised pay practice recommendations and recommendations for performance management.

Human Resources Set-Up
As part of compliance services and acting as outside in-house counsel, ALG can structure and assist in establishing and maintaining the HR function for the company. Following a compliance audit ALG will provide the foundation and structure for a legally compliant HR function including:
  • Preparing a company handbook.
  • Preparing HR related forms, agreements, policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing, revising and creating job descriptions.
  • Reviewing and revising organizational chart.
  • Providing compliance related trainings and trainings to implement newly established policies and procedures.