Harassment Prevention


Learn more about the latest laws and what they mandate for more employers.

Both the New York State Legislature and the New York City Council adopted legislation in 2018 aimed at preventing sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. They each place obligations on employers which are being phased in over time which is in addition to requirements mandated by federal law. The Ali Law Group is available to guide you through these changes with the following services.

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As part of its harassment prevention services, the Ali Law Group can help draft and/or review agreements that may be impacted by the recent harassment prevention legislation to insure that the agreement comports with the current legal landscape. This includes:

  • Separation Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Arbitration Agreements

Policies and Procedures

As part of its harassment prevention services, the Ali Law Group can assist with reviewing, drafting and creating policies and procedures that help your organization comply with the current legislative requirements. This includes:

  • Harassment Prevention Policy
  • Complaint Procedures
  • Social Media Policies


As part of its harassment and prevention services offerings, the Ali Law Group can provide interactive harassment and discrimination trainings. ALG’s trainings are fully customized and in compliance with the latest legal requirements. The prevention trainings can be delivered to all levels of your organization - employee, manager, supervisor, executive. All the trainings will be interactive, prepared and delivered by attorneys, and will include a review of your organization’s current policies as well as:

  • An explanation of sexual harassment as a form of unlawful discrimination under local law;
  • A statement that sexual harassment is also a form of unlawful discrimination under state and federal law;
  • A description of what sexual harassment is, using examples;
  • Any internal complaint process available to employees through their employer to address sexual harassment claims;
  • The complaint process available through the commission, the division of human rights and the United States equal employment opportunity commission, including contact information;
  • The prohibition of retaliation and examples thereof;
  • Information concerning bystander intervention, including but not limited to any resources that explain how to engage in bystander intervention; and
  • The specific responsibilities of supervisory and managerial employees in the prevention of sexual harassment and retaliation, and measures that such employees may take to appropriately address sexual harassment complaints.

Training will be delivered via PowerPoint and materials will be provided to the company in order to provide proof of the training for record keeping purposes.

Confidential Complaint Services

What is your complaint procedure? It’s outlined in your handbook, but employees often don’t know what it is. Or they may feel afraid to come forward and make a complaint to HR or their manager for fear of retribution and retaliation.

The Ali Law Group can help companies establish a safe, confidential environment for employees to come forward. They can utilize our dedicated number or email to make complaints. They will complete a complaint form and get a response from a trained professional within 1 business day. If your company doesn’t have the staff to investigate the complaint, we can take it over.

Please inquire for more information.

Training Program for Trainers

Attendees will receive guidance on how to develop a sexual harassment prevention training program for their company. This will include:

  • Going over the law in detail
  • Getting a basic template to learn how to provide legally compliant, interactive training for their company
  • Sitting through a mock training
  • Receiving a certificate that they attended the training and that the materials have been developed by a law firm

Please inquire for more information.