Annual Retainer

A Service for Ongoing Support and Development

Companies today are faced with the daunting task of complying with labor and employment laws, which are increasingly complex and ever changing. For select clients, the Ali Law Group offers a unique way to help companies meet this challenge – an annual Labor and Employment Counsel retainer. Through this arrangement, companies are billed on a monthly basis based on an aggregate number of hours. Using this model rather than a bill-by-the-minute model, companies are able to more effectively receive the support they need to ensure compliance, reduce their risk of litigation and protect their interests.

With this service, companies are set up to:

    • Develop a business relationship with a seasoned legal advisor who understands their organization’s structure and needs.
    • Call and speak with their legal counsel in order to identify and solve issues as they arise.
    • Receive expert guidance and opinion on a variety of labor and employment law issues (Ask the Expert).
    • Receive legal updates along with explanations of how changes in the law may affect their business practices.
    • Operate a business in compliance with labor and employment laws under the guidance of labor and employment attorneys.

    Features and Benefits of Annual Retainer Relationship

    • Weekly updates on workplace law and trends
    • Legal alerts for annual retainer clients only
    • In-depth articles for annual retainer clients only
    • Premium level of service - only annual retainer clients will have a guaranteed response time to inquiries
    • Up to 15% discount on legal services and counseling rates
    • Up to 15% discount on trainings
    • Complimentary ALG Interactive Workshops