Wage & Hour

The Ali Law Group represents clients in Federal and State Courts and administrative agencies (US DOL Audits, NYS DOL Audits, NYS Unemployment Insurance Tax Audits) on wage and hour matters such as employee misclassification issues, exemption status and overtime. We are also available to help you stay compliant with:

  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • New York Labor Law
  • Pay practices and overtime (exempt status)
  • Compensation
  • Classification of Independent Contractors

We are able to prepare legal opinion letters, which will involve in-depth research, fact-finding and the production of an opinion letter to determine whether:

  • Individuals are properly classified as employees or independent contractors
  • Employees are properly classified as exempt from overtime and determine the correct basis of the exemption
  • Employees are properly classified as non-exempt from overtime and determine the best
  • practices to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws
  • The employer has proper pay practices and record keeping measures in place
  • Pay practices are non-discriminatory and in compliance with Equal Pay Act and EEOC guidelines