Companies Like UBS Move to Digital Workspaces

In an increasingly mobile workforce, work is no longer confined to a cubicle or typical office environment.  Employees want to be able to work from anywhere. The Swiss global financial services company UBS is changing employees’ relationships with their work spaces. For many of its employees, the company has eliminated fixed desks and phone handsets. Instead, employees use personal headsets and have access to mobile desks called “thin desks” throughout the building where they can log onto their virtual desktops. Digital workspaces enable unified management of BYO and corporate owned devices. Not only do thin desks increase mobility, but they also enable companies to use real estate more efficiently by reducing wasteful office space. Mobile desks are less restrictive and allow employees to work in a more agile way. With faster response to clients and responsiveness outside of normal business hours, moving to digital workspaces can give companies a competitive edge.